Security Service

Octagon bodyguards only intervene if there is a direct danger to their client. At other times they discreetly follow the everyday rhythm of their client and keep monitoring their safety on a regular basis.

Cash Transport

The cash transport service provided by Octagon Force is a highly risky job. Cash is transported by trained and armed security personnel who transport the cash.

Technical & Maintenance

Everything we buy, needs constant oversight and maintaining. Maintaining needs to be done by experienced workers.

Solid Waste Management

As a concern to the Society, we have taken up the task of Solid Waste Management by Octagon Force.


Your construction needs in one place. We deliver; house and building construction, demolition, house and building drawings services.

Consultancy & Project Management

People face problems in their businesses. Octagon Force provides consultation services to businesses and as well as individuals.


We provide housekeeping services to make sure that our customers are able to live in a cleaner environment.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Octagon Force overlooks the transportation of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption and provides storage facilities for goods.

About Us

We are world
number one Company

Octagon Force is dedicated to serve in 8 key focus elements for the country - Security, Transport, Technical & Maintenance, Construction, Consultancy & Project Management, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Solid Waste Management, & Housekeeping. We are committed to serve and improve the lifestyle and life standard of our people.

Octagon is a force to make you Smile.