Personnel Protection & VIP Security

Octagon bodyguards are specially trained to resolve many different types of conflict fast, efficiently and without attracting attention. They can use both hand-to-hand combat and weapons if necessary.

Octagon bodyguards only intervene if there is a direct danger to their client. At other times they discreetly follow the everyday rhythm of their client and keep monitoring their safety on a regular basis.

Our guards have completed specialized training in protecting people and their property against various attacks, fire and possible accidents, and can provide first aid if necessary. In critical situations, the Octagon Security Centre can send patrol teams to provide additional help. There are trained security guards at your service at all times.

Security Consulting

As Security Consultants, the first thing we do is develop the security concept. A security concept covers all the possible principles and considerations for ensuring security in your company; more specific technical security designs will be developed and improved from this starting point.

When preparing a security concept:
  • We will determine and analyze your dangers and risk factors, taking into account the specific needs of your business, the location and construction of your buildings and many more factors;
  • We take full account of your preferences and priorities when ensuring your security.

Then we implement your security concept, we offer a technical solution together with the security equipment, installation work, instruction manuals and staff training.

Regular maintenance of an alarm system ensures that it is always in good working order. Regular maintenance work such as inspecting the condition of your system and its components, adjusting and cleaning it. Any faults discovered during inspection and maintenance are fixed. If the inspection shows that the security situation has changed, for example because partition walls have been built or the location of furniture has changed, then we will suggest how you can improve your system. If necessary, we will provide additional training for the users of the system.

Special Events Security

Octagon offers the following advantages in ensuring public order and general safety and security during Special Events:

  • We use security personnel with security guard qualifications, who have undergone thorough background checks as well as who have the necessary language proficiency and have passed the necessary training.
  • We have extensive, longstanding experience in handling security for various events
  • We summon Octagon patrol units when necessary
  • We have constant communication with the Octagon Response Centre
  • Close cooperation with the Police and local governments

In addition to providing security, Octagon offers the following:

  • Access control, through ticketing and security checks (including checks for hazardous items and substances)
  • Safekeeping and security service for property such as equipment, on-stage equipment
  • Perimeter security
  • Backstage or stage front security, special area security (VIP lounge, underage or alcohol sales areas)
  • Personal protection service for artists, performers and VIPs

The security team is led by a leader with experience. The head of security takes part in meetings called by the customer for discussing security issues. For major events, experienced segment directors are also part of the team; they coordinate services in a specific respective area of responsibility.